About Mysticare


Every Mysticare product is as unique as your needs.

Founded in Karachi, Pakistan in 2017, Mysticare is Pakistan’s 1st customized hair care brand.

At Mysticare, we know how important your hair is to you and want to enhance and improve your hair naturally, without spending countless hours at the salon or using a ton of harsh chemicals.


Our products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Pakistan with the strictest quality standards, supervising minute by minute the entire process of its production and distribution until it is delivered to our end customers. Taking into account the opinion of beauty professionals and especially our clients, who at the end of the day are the ones who use and apply our products in their day to day.

Every product begins with a thorough examination based on a detailed questionnaire; combine a set of herbs, which can specifically help to address your issues. So, you can be sure of the fact that every product from Mysticare is customized and formulated with the right ingredients to solve your issues!

It’s simple really, you are unique and Mysticare makes customized products that are unique to you.